Blender’s success and popularity can be connected with two reasons. One of which is that it is free and open source. The second reason is the huge community of designers and developers who work devotedly in building the Blender’s ecosystem. The best way to learn Blender is to break your back and work on a project. If you are a 3D artist, you must be well-known with these amazing add-ons. In this article, you will find out the list of amazing modelling add-ons, which make this free software your go-to choice.

Let’s begin!

1.    Mira Tools

(Free on Github)

This set of tools has been around since 2015 but was not so popular back then. Well, it is back with new amazing features in Blender 2.8!!! Mira Tools is a set of retopology and mesh deformation operators that can be very helpful. The Curve Deform and Curve Stretch operators are quite unique and super fun to use. And for modelling here is brand new unbevel which helps a user to change or remove bevels.

2.    EZLattice Free

The free version of the EZLattice add-on is very helpful to create a lattice on selected vertices. EZLattice eases the process of lattice deformation (also known as Fast Fourier Deformation) in blender a lot. In addition, you can access the addon in the context menu. That way you don’t have to search for the addon on N-panel. There is also a pro version which has more features.

3.    Edge Flow

As the name describes, the edge flow not only gives shape to the model, but also describes the deformation level. Edge Flow uses interpolation to modify edge loops according to the geometry of the surrounding area. You can use it to clean up chaotic topology quickly or balance better between two areas. It is open, clear, and adds operations that were not previously in Blender. Surely you should use it a lot!

4.    Loop Tools

(included in blender)

Prior to Blender being fitted with so many great mesh tools, loop tools were the only way to make such important work. It’s not so important now, but operators like making any number of edges in a circle and turning messy loops into a perfect curve, flattening stuff at odd angles, etc, are still in handy! This is part of Blender, so take 10 seconds and start it when you haven’t.

5.    WMesh

(Free on Gumroad)

WMesh offers the Blender toolset for modelling and animation of the 3ds Max Type non-destructive Parameter Primitive. That means: unlike Blender’s own primitive object, after you shift, rotate, and even after reloading your scene, the properties of a WMesh object can still be changed. The objects of WMesh can be animated as well.

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