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Animations has always caught our imagination. It’s perhaps this interest and passion, which has led to so many dramatical changes in the animation industry, in such a short time. Movies, cartoons, and games have changed. High-grade graphics have made animation more realistic, detailed, and defined.

Various software has been designed to help graphics and animation, with the Maya 3D animation software being the most prominently used across all divisions. Maya can help design animation, cartoons, 2D/3D characters and even modify and manage photos. To achieve success in the world of animation and graphics, learning Maya has become a needed skill. If you want to master modeling, renderings, simulation, and in other words become a great graphic artist, well then you need the Maya 3D software.  Here are some amazing resources that can help you learn Maya 3D software.

1. Beginners Guide to Modeling with Maya – Eduonix

Realistic Character Sculpting for Game In Maya and Zbrush

“No experience in animation? No problem!”

If you want to step into the world of 3D animation and graphics or want to boost your artistic skills, well then this is a perfect place to start. This Maya 3D beginner’s course is the perfect launching pad for your spectacular career as an animator. In this Maya 3D course, you will learn everything you need to know to get started with Maya. All you have to do is simply Enroll and get started. This is one of the easiest ways to become acquainted with Maya, as the instructor will show you the ropes with the Maya 3D interface, progressing towards more complex topics. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make you a 3D star!

2. 3D & Motion Graphics Maya Tutorials – Envato Tuts

Rig a Fish in Maya–cms-20873

This is similar to the first resource, have minimum tutorials that have been broken down in a blog format. Once you are familiar with the basics of the Maya 3D interface, this is a great resource. It can help you get some hands-on experience. It is like mini projects that you can use to learn various techniques that can be used in Maya.

3. Mr. H’s Animation and Maya Tutorials

Paddy lock –

Mr. H has shared his experience about Maya and animation by creating a full YouTube channel to help learn the basics of Maya or how to use Maya 3D for animation with free tutorials. If you want to become an animator or make animated films for a living, then you will get all the things you need on this channel.

4. SimplyMaya — Maya Training Library

This website has been created to help users to learn about Maya and train them using Maya 3D animation software. You need to create a free account with them to access their many different Maya courses and then you can download hundreds of different tutorials on Maya. The best thing is that the website is constantly updated and populated with new and improved tutorials, so you will always have something to learn or practice. From houses to Batman busts to even cartoon dinosaurs, there is a lot on this website.

5. Become a Game Designer: The Complete Master Series – Udemy

FreeStudyWeb –

This is a priced course, but it is very useful if you want to learn how to be a game designer and don’t know where to start. This entire course is perfect for you to get serious with game designing. You will not only learn the design part, but also the code and development. In other words, you will learn the front and back end. The course cover Unity, Maya, 3DSMax, Photoshop, and even C #.

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