Photogrammetry based stone crack Brush set for Zbrush.

Available Content:  

  1.   110 Brushes with 2k resolution.                             
  2.   Height Maps.  

 For Alpha use with:

  1. ZBrush 
  2.  Substance Painter
  3. Quixel 
  4. 3Dcoat
  5. Blender
  6. 4Dcinema
  7. Mudbox

All Alphas 2048×2048

In this pack, you will get 110 brushes, height maps, and 14 free sample brushes also.

These 110 brushes and heights already in my store in 4 volumes.

Vol.1 –

Vol.2 –

Vol.3 –

Vol.4 –

Ready to be imported in Zbrush.
These brushes were made from the baking of scanned wall and stone in high resolution.


Hello guys! I’m Jeetendra Sharma – 3d environment artist, currently working as a freelancer. I started my career in video games at Lakshya Digital Pvt. Ltd. where I contributed to Kingdom Heart 2.8.

After that, I joined Sumo Video Games where I worked on Hitman. I`ve been working in the industry for over 5 years and enjoy creating tutorials where I share all my tips and techniques that I have picked up throughout the years.

Let me help you to avoid making mistakes and let me give you the latest techniques, workflows, and knowledge for game ready AAA 3D art creation.

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