CGPen, a leading marketplace in the 2D and 3D artistic industry, gives you an opportunity to share your work with the world. CGPen encourages young minds to share their work with us. We invite written articles, infographics, opinion pieces, interviews from our community so that we can share them with world via our website. If you think you have something that needs a global platform, we are all ears. Don’t stop and get reading.

Who can contribute their work at CGPen’s blog?

Anyone who has an eye for a good piece from the 2D and 3D world is more than welcome to share their content work with us. Although CGPen will take content on priority from the industry experts and professionals, for example –

  • Artists
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • 2D and 3D asset buyers

How can you get your article at CGPen?

Firstly, what you will have to do is select a topic and then write a short description/pitch about it. In that you will have to write what you plan on covering in that article (basically a kind of blue print for the article), what sources you plan on referring to for the article, and what you wish to convey through your article.  Now after completing this, send your pitch to us and our team will review it. If we find your pitch interesting and feel like sharing it with our community, we will contact you in a week or two at max. Our editor will get in touch with you and work with you simultaneously on the deadlines and work progress of your article.

What kind of topic you can choose?

The topic and content of your article should be 100% original and relevant to the 2D and 3D industry. You work should not plagiarised. After submission of your article, our team will check it for plagiarism. If we found out it is copied from somewhere, it will be rejected. And if not, Great! Your work will be ready for publishing.

If you have any topics that you find is interesting and knowledgeable for the whole community, there is no need for rushing into anything. Write to us about the topic and a short description on how you will be shaping your article and submit it to us. If we found it equally interesting then we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible. Our editor and you can work stuff out about the deadlines and progress etc. If we have any suggestions that we think might go with your topic, we will suggest you that too and together we can create a wonderful masterpiece that we can share with our community.

Some guidelines that you must follow while submitting your pitch at CGPen –

  • The word limit for your pitch should be under 250 words.
  • The format that you can submit your pitch in should be – .doc and .docx file. You can also submit it via Google Docs.
  • Your content should be original, grammatically appropriate and in a language that is easily understandable for everyone out there. It shouldn’t require editing to a large extent. We only edit your pieces to a certain extent.
  • You can email your pitch to us at –

Your work will be reviewed by our team in a span of 5 working days. All kinds of feedbacks and conversational threads will be sent to the email through which the pitch was received. If you want your articles to be published anonymously, we can arrange that for you as well. Since CGPen receives a large number of applications every day, if don’t hear back from us within a period of 10 to 12 days, consider your pitch has been disapproved from us.

Requirements after acceptance of your pitch –

Once your work is approved by us, our editor will get in touch with you and will work simultaneously with you on setting a timeline for the article, formatting of the article, your queries and their solutions etc.

As a contributor we will appreciate if you fulfil these requirements in your work –

  • Your work should be 100% original and created by you yourself. If you wish to submit a article the word limit for it has to be with a minimum of 1000 words and maximum of 2000 words. All the articles under a 1000 word limit will be disapproved by CGPen.
  • Don’t send us copied content in any case otherwise your article won’t get published. Also, your article should not be published on any other site too. It should be original in that way as well. However, you can use chunks from it for promotional purposes on your personal platforms.
  • You will also be required to send a representative image (710×250) for the header. The image should be owned by you as well as it should be royalty free. It shouldn’t contain any brand logos as well except for watermarks.
  • You also share some other images with us that you wish to incorporate in your article.
  • Your way to writing should be user friendly, easy to understand and at the same time informative as well.
  • You cannot post competitor posts or links in your article. Any kind of promotional content for the product or company will be rejected.
  • You will have to regularly reply to the comments as well as the discussion going on (if any) below your article. It will be your responsibility.
  • If you wish to, you can also send us a small by-line about yourself (about the author) so that we can embed it along the article.
  • CGPen reserves the right to edit your post t any point of time.
  • CGPen will not pay for guest posts.

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