“Design is intelligence made visible.” – Alina Wheeler

As a 2D or 3D artist, you may think of earning money with your work. What if we told you that’s simpler than ever now? At CGPen w.e provide you a platform where you can sell your 2D and 3D work and make money out of it and at the same time can also learn and enhance your skills by taking note from the work of the top professionals of the industry. Let us understand in a few easy steps that how CGPen works and how you can make the most out of it by starting selling your work at our platform.

  1. As soon as you open our CGPen website you will see a button named Join/Start selling on CGPen web.
  2. Click on that button and then register yourself with us.
  3. After a successful registration, your account will be approved by the admin at CGPen.
  4. You can only upload your 2D and 3D products after approval by the admin.
  5. As soon as you account is approved, you will see a option of Add new product. Click on that.
  6. Add the product which you wish to sell at CGPen.
  7. Once the product is uploaded from your side, CGPen admin will review your product.
  8. While reviewing if we find the product appropriate and with regards to our product uploading instructions your product will be approved by us.
  9. As soon as the product is approved from our side, it will be available for publishing on the site.
  10. You can now see that your respective product is available for public to purchase via CGPen.


Also, before uploading a product, there are a few key points you should always keep in mind –

  • The picture of your respective product which you wish to upload should be clear enough.
  • You must also upload at least three images of your images of the product that you wish to upload.
  • Your product should be visible clearly in all of the images that you upload and it shouldn’t be cut from any angle.
  • All the images of your product should be in high resolution as well.
  • Your product should have a description of minimum 100 words.
  • The information that you write in the description should be with respect to your product and be accurate.
  • The cost of your product should be pretty reasonable and in a way that is competitive in the market in a healthy way too.
  • The name of your product should be relevant and appropriate and should not contain any inappropriate words.
  • If there is any kind of mismatch in the description of your product and the product itself, you should note that your product will get disapproved on this basis.
  • You should use all the latest software while developing your product and also mention the same to us while uploading your product on the CGPen website.

A few points that the artist should keep in mind about getting paid on CGPen-

  • When anyone purchases a product that you have uploaded on the website, first the payment will be collected by CGPen.
  • The artist will get paid when he places a request to get paid by clicking on the Get Paid button.
  • The artist’s wallet to should have a minimum balance of $20 so that he’s able to withdraw the money from it.
  • The money will be paid into your PayPal account.

We hope all these steps were helpful enough for you to get started with CGPen and hence share your passion with the world out there. We also suggest you to go through our terms and conditions once you upload any product on our website. They will give you a better understanding of how we at CGPen work, how you can get the best out of it and also earn good bucks through it.

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