Being a part of the design world, we get to see design influencers and creative minds working all around us. Despite the advancement in digital technologies, we often encounter that 2D images are still dominating magazines and design-related websites. All this can make designers think that learning 3D isn’t necessary or not strictly needed. Well, this is not true even though 2D art is phenomenal, but 3D designs will give you depth, height and width which will not only expand your creative possibilities it will also boost your existing 2D creations.

There are plenty of other reasons why every designer should learn 3D. We have compiled a list of 10 reliable reasons why designers must go for 3D.

1. Make your design beautiful and aesthetic.

There are several designs and shapes that are impossible to create in 2D. Hence, learning 3D designing can give designers a horizon to expand their thoughts and creativity to build their aesthetic vocabulary. As technology is advancing these skills will help designers to harbor their ambitions of creating more complex and attractive creations for the world.

2. 3D will teach you how shapes work in the real world.

“Creativity is nothing but the way to solve new problems.”
– Diana Santos

3D modelling software’s provides you a way to work digitally on real world shapes. This means you have more control over your designs, and you can easily remove unwanted results in the early stages of the project.

3. With the 3D design, you can have better communication with team members.

For impressive teamwork, 3D modelling is here. It helps you to communicate your ideas and thoughts precisely with other professional involved in the design process.

You should also evolve your communication skills while being dedicated to 3D modelers, as it will help you in mutual discussion with the team members.

4. Create more realistic and detailed art.


3D designing software’s will offer you rendering object mechanism which is an excellent way for making your design more realistic and detailed. Also, 3D model will help you check the dimensions and feasibility before making them to physical model which will save time and development cost.

5. Inspire your mind.

Once you attain the knowledge of 3D art you will be able to take creativity to another level which will stimulate your mind. It will not only inspire you but others who you share your work with to do better for the society and develop their skills.

6. Increase your Sociability.

Designing jobs provides you with flexibility of working from anywhere around the world. This career is heavenly based on how you perceive art and is very sociable. You can get inspiration from meeting people around the world. It will also help you build a strong networking.

7. Plenty of online resources of learning.


Even though learning 3D designing is difficult but if you are passionate then there is wide availability of online courses and tutorials, either free or paid. You can develop and grow your skills with the help of these courses and build your career.

8. Different 3D modeling approaches available.

3D modeling is a very diverse topic; it has various techniques which will give you various options to choose your model from. You can choose any approach based on your way of working and demand. This is one of the ways you can explore your creativity by applying various tools and techniques offered by several software’s.

9. Extremely Rewarding.

With 3D designing you get the freedom to create art that is very detailed as well as realistically beautiful. Once you start creating art it is a very rewarding journey to become a great artist.

10. New career opportunities

If you are having 3D modelling skills that are currently in demand by most design studios. Like big companies, businesses have started to appreciate the power of 3D and are looking for 3D designers to increase the marketability of their product.

Hence, learning 3D designing will open doors to different career paths and provide you with the flexibility to work both as an employee or as a freelancer depending on your choice.


The great thing about learning 3D designing is that is a very diverse and the amount of knowledge to learn is large. So, with the appropriate knowledge you can grow an impressive career where you will be networking with people from all sort of professions. Hence, you have a freedom of creating your own path.

Now, Let’s start your journey as a 3D Designer.

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